Our commitment

March 23, 2020

We’ve been revamping our operations these past couple months to move towards a more circular economy business model that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

FINALLY we have completely eliminated single-use plastics in the products we provide to our customers. This includes eliminating the use of disposable plastic containers, rubber bands and plastic bags.

We’ve experimented with biodegradable products and paper bags and have finally adjusted our menu to offer LIVE Microgreen trays instead of cut greens to restaurants and individuals. All our trays are reusable and our soil is always returned to the earth for compost. Not only did this eliminate our waste but also offered more variety, beautiful restaurant displays and fresher greens that are only cut when needed, without the loss of nutrition.

We’ve also launched our new website with pricing information and will soon be uploading many resources including growing tips for our customers.

As most businesses during this time, we have suffered in a full revenue loss that is only temporary. And we are thankful that this time has allowed us to improve our offerings and fully commit to a more sustainable and earth friendly business model.

Thank you always for your support of our business and support of local farmers in general!

-Michelle Crisostomo, Owner, Tiny Greens Guam